Before the internet it was sufficient to stage and place messages properly.
Today it takes more: Companies and brands have to be highly interesting to people.
It’s the only way to win their attention, and to build meaningful relationships.
In order to achieve this effectively, Social Media, PR, and Digital Marketing need to be mixed with maximum creativity.
This is our belief. And more and more national and international achtung! clients share this belief with us.



Official and one to note in your diary: The second round of the DIGITAL KINDERGARTEN will be starting on June 7, 2018. Powered by Weischer.Media, FUTURE CANDY and achtung!, everything will be bigger, brighter and better. This time it will be staged at the Hühnerposten, a major Hamburg venue. We’re expecting 30 exhibitors, 30 speakers and 1,000 guests. The sponsors: Opinary, the Unruly Group and Hamburger Hochbahn.

There are countless decision-makers who won’t be flying to the CES or SXSW, but want to check out VR, AR, AI, drones, wearables, 3D printing, smart homes and robotics for themselves. So our mission is to offer marketing and communication decision-makers, agency staff and other interested individuals the chance to experiment and play with gadgets, new technologies and innovations.

Until the event takes place, all the news and information about gadgets, speakers and exhibitors will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or you can get it from our exclusive media partner Business Punk. Tickets are available at digitalkindergarten.de.

  We are celebrating…

taking first place in the PR-Journal’s current creative ranking. “We firmly believe that brands and companies today first and foremost need creativity and good ideas to even reach people in the first place, and to set themselves apart in communicative competition,” says Mirko Kaminski. We were able to win awards both in Germany and internationally with the Elbphilharmonie campaign – our joint project with Jung von Matt. But also with lots of other campaigns and various projects. “That demonstrates the spectrum of creativity among our people at achtung! And that is something of which we, and I, are very proud,” our CEO says.