The work placement that isn't really a work placement

Natascha is on a work placement in the Video department – and has already recorded her own videos.

“There's no coffee to be made, no photocopying to be done,” says Natascha who is on a work placement in the Video department. From the very beginning, she has had an opportunity every day to gain and help shape new experiences. “It is so interesting, especially for young people.”

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The internship where you can really learn a lot

Marlene is an intern on the Lifestyle industry team – she attended her first re:publica with us.

Marlene says: “I really feel that the company is investing in me.” For example, she spent three days at re:publica, where she was able to attend presentations, workshops and talks. She feels that she is ideally equipped for the future: “With this career I can work in any industry.”

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The training that prepares you for your career

Anika is training to be a marketing communications administrator – she knows almost every department from the inside.

Thanks to her training, Anika is already familiar with the areas of PR, traditional marketing, digital communication, social media and video. Care is taken to ensure that the trainees do not have to face situations that are too challenging or not challenging enough.

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It's not a case of all the things that we can offer you. It's a case of what you want. And whether achtung! is the right place for you. Let's find out.


As a work placement student: You can get a work placement in any of our departments. What are you most interested in?

As a trainee: Become a marketing communications administrator. With us, you will gain experience in several different departments. It won't be boring in any case.

As an intern: Here you are on the perfect learning curve – on and off the job.


At achtung! you will, of course, have managers who will support you in everything that you do. But deciding how to approach what you do – that's your baby. You nurture it. Your success remains your success. We are there to support you. And to jump in when you need us.


Nobody can create something great all on their own. Luckily, you are not alone here. You have the best support that you could imagine. In our LAB. SEO specialists, content managers, digital experts, web developers, copywriters, screen designers. With them, you could even fly to Mars.


It's your first job. You don't know how to do everything yet. That's why we're there. With us, you get a full training programme. You get to know every department. You can try everything. You can learn from the best. When you are finished here, you are ready.


Apply on spec!

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Apply online

Nothing here for you? We also welcome on-spec applications. Old-school, with covering letter, CV and references. Or take a different approach and tell us what you would like to achieve at achtung! (see information on applications for professionals).


Information on the application process

There is a process in place when you apply for a job at achtung!

We don't want to keep you waiting a long time. So after two days you will receive confirmation from us that your application has arrived. Then it doesn't take long until we contact you again. We're eager to meet you!

Information on your application

We need this so we can get to know you a little bit before the interview.

For first-jobbers:

You have little or no professional experience and your CV is consequently probably quite short. Nevertheless, in order for us to be able to prepare for you, simply tell us about anything else that you have done, such as a work placement, a part-time job or voluntary work. We are particularly interested in why you are looking for a work placement, training or an internship. Finally, don't forget to include your latest references.

For young professionals and professionals:

In order for us to prepare for you properly, we need:

  • your CV (max. 3 pages)
  • a short cover letter
  • your references

Or you can do it all very differently: Allow your best idea to speak for you and explain to us, in a medium of your choice, what you would like to achieve here at achtung! (we don't evaluate the medium – choose whatever suits you!).

For creatives:

A folder of your best work is also mandatory.